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The journey of pregnancy

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Woman are the best creation to ever set foot on earth.The almighty had chosen females out of both genders to be the special ones to bring new people to this universe.

firstly, pregnancy is a very special experience, and i do not say that just because i read quite alot, but i am saying it because i have a 6 month old little princess of my own. if you are like me and had no idea on how you would spend the 9 months of pregnancy, i am here to give you a glimpse of what it is all about.

pregnancy is not exactly what the internet portrays it to be, its not so smooth but its worth it. you will look different probably a little bit fat, but then you will see yourself glowing (that is probably the best part).

The journey of pregnancy arrives

You suddenly have a soon to be human living right inside you, and he/she depends on everything you consume, Reacts to your feelings of sadness and happiness. You cannot see him/ her face to face, but they form an important part in your life before you even get to meet personally.

The excitement of pregnancy is not just for the mother, but the father as well. the unborn child knows her father more than any other person after the mother, like i said pregnancy is an experience worth sharing.

Then the training begins

I wasn’t a medicine type of person, but hey, things had to change for the better (LOL) I drank my vitamins every single day, excersing was never part of my lifestyle.

In normal times you would never have spotted me in a gym or running, but when I got pregnant, I made sure to do my pelvic exercises (they proved very beneficial during labour and all), the gym ball also known as the ”BOUNCY BALL” was the best and most simple exercise to be honest.

When a woman that did no exercises before pregnancy falls pregnant, she SHOULD NOT do any hardcore exercises, but exercises like using the bouncy ball and pelvic floor exercises are adviced.

The best part of my entire pregnancy was checking the updates, because to be honest i was so curious as to know what the little one was up to in there, so thanks to a friend of mines that had introduced me to Tommy’s baby. Like I said in the beginning, when you are pregnant you don’t care about anything more than your unborn baby, you are suddenly anxious to meet him/ her and so you decide to do everything in your power to keep them safe. 

You might have morning sicknesses (that’s right, vomiting and having nauseous feelings), heartburns (these ones really never gave me a break LOL), you end up feeling tired for some weird reason.  

The beauty of pregnancy never stops to amaze mankind up until today. and always remember no matter how bumpy the 9 month journey may seem, it will all be worth it when the appointed meeting time arrives.

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