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Advice on Nikah (marriage)

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The literal meaning of NIKAH is to gather something.with everything that is going on around the world advice on nikah is compulsory, if i must say. According to fiqh (philosophy of Islamic law): nikah is a special contraction of marriage.

Nikah (marriage) is very important, that is why i would like to give an advice on nikah. because if there was no nikah (marriage) then there would be no difference between us and animals. Nikah (marriage) is a need, and it helps us supress our canal desires in a way that it saves us from disgrace. 

It is reported by a companion of the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) named Saad Ibn abi Waqas (may Allah be pleased with him) he said: the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) refused Uthman Ibn math ‘Oon (may Allah be pleased with him) that he remains in the state of celibacy. If he gave permission to him we would have castrated ourselves. 

From the above narration we see that Islam does not let us do that which is contrary to normal. Nikah (marriage) is normal, it did not come about recently, it was there since the first man i.e., Adam (may peace and blessing be upon him). In Islam the term ‘Liba Suhum’ which means ‘THERE CLOTHING’ is used to indicate that just as your clothing conceal your private parts, nikah (marriage) conceals your intimacy. 

Advice on how to maintain Nikah (marriage)

Well now that we are done with the meaning of nikah (marriage), lets move forward to how to maintain the nikah (marriage). 

Firstly you should know that in marriage there is a tug of war, both partners have and want authority. Each one wants to show whose boss (lol), so as an advice to men they should allow the woman  to be free in the house. 

 It is said that woman were created from the left rib, (the left rib is said to be crooked) and  that’s the beauty of it. Don’t try to straighten her or you will break her, but don’t let go all the time. Forgive her mistakes, you have to be in between. 

Once you as a husband enters the house, you should leave all your formalities outside. DON’T BE HER TEACHER, YOU ARE HER HUSBAND. Men should know that there is a difference between them and woman. when woman are tired they get angry, and when men are tired they sleep (always remember the difference). Woman are special, they are soft natured human beings’ give love and expect love in return, try your utmost best to show your care and understanding. 

Once the husband enters the house, let him let loose. When you go out you cover yourself in hijab, but when you are home with your husband loose that hijab, because when he goes out he sees many woman all decked up only to come home and find you in pyjamas you have been wearing for 5 days. My dear sister give your husband a reason to rush home from work everyday. The next advice my sister is when your husband is angry like fire, don’t be the same but be his water to cool him off.  

The final advice of nikah

Marriage isn’t easy, there will be arguments. Marriage is between 2 different people, you might not always agree on something, but with great effort it might be bed of flowers. 

Someone once said: marriage is beautiful challenge, its walk in in a rose park, but there is thorns as well 

I would like to conclude by saying:  


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