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Being true to yourself before you loose yourself.

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Stop acting like people you do not know, you might just end up loosing yourself. Live your life with truthfulness, that never hurts anyone.

you are special the way you are, the world needs something unique.

Imagine how boring the world would have been had everyone been the same.

The problem that is found in our day and age is the race to be viewed as the best and the richest.

Not knowing that, that has not always had a good ending.

All that we view on social media is not always true, so lets stop thinking that it is. many people are faking it for the sake of fame.

You might find that most of these fake people would give anything to have your peaceful life. Imagine the fear that they live with every single day, fearing that people might know the real truth about them.

Those that were not true to themselves.

We have SADELLE YEUNG she is a Famous Instagram Influencer that is originally from Hong-Kong.

She used to post many pictures of her travelling from one place to the other, amazing food delights etc., but slowly as time passed by people began suspecting her. only to find that the suspicions they had were correct.

She photoshopped the travelling pictures so that people could belive her.

The truth is the internet has been advanced in ways we can NEVER begin to imagine, changing a back ground can be easily done with a green sheet.

Be true to yourself, i guess you might feel left out at times, but nothing good comes out from lying. DO NOT LIVE TO PLEASE OTHERS.

Money comes and goes, trends come and go. Brand new stuff come in and out, but know that you can never keep up with the chase.

live your life with honesty, not everyday is a stormy day. BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF IS THE BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE TO THOSE AROUND YOU.

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