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Turning back to Allah before Death overtakes us

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Death is not a choice, its time is not known, That is the reason why we need to turn back to Allah before death overtakes us.

First and foremost we thank Allah for the greatest treasure that he has bestowed upon us and that is IMAAN (belief). he has also granted us the opportunity to be in the UMMAH (nation) of the prophet muhammad (p.b.u.h).

we thank Allah for making us INSAAN (human beings), who has given us good health and most importantly we thank Allah for joining us in this post.

so what is Death? Allah says in the Qur’an: ” when Allah takes the soul of a person away that is the time his death occures”.

what is the purpose of Death?

The purpose of death in this life is like the purpose of borders in this world. in order to cross over to another country there are some procedures you have to go through. the same as death its the formality you have to go through in order to cross over to the other life.

we have become so attached to this life that we have become so fearful of death. if you want to know the reality of this life, then go to the graveyards and you will see not only simple folks are buried there. The same same rulers and leader or governors who when they used to pass everyone would say:

” Move out of the way someone great has come.”

what is there condition today? his body has become the food of insects and those insects are food to other insects.

It is about time that we understood the reality of this life. The time of death is unknown to us.

The grave grave itself reminds us that we will not live forever, But we are ignorant. we still want the world, we are chasing our desires. My dear friend, its about time that we changed. each and everyone of us will have to stand before Allah and give our account for our deeds.

How much longer are we going to carry on breaking and disobeying the laws and commands of Allah. HOW LONG?

We are unfortunately seeking for inner peace, because our hearts are restless. We search for it in wrong places, but that is not were we are going to find it.

ALLAH gives us an answer in the holy qur’an: ”Behold! only in the ZIKR (remembrance) of Allah will the hearts find contentment and peace.


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