CAR humanitarian crisis deepens amid new violence

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The attack on the Central African Republic (CAR) have increased to such an extent that thousands have fled to east and thousands have fled to the west seeking refuge in churches, Aswell as bushes.

 Humanitarian crisis increases as a wave of armed groups cause havoc in the war weary part of the country.

This rebel alliance caused havoc since the run-up elections in December 2020. which stopped many people from voting and ended up breaking the peace deal. 

Fighters carried out a harsh attack on the capital, Begui, before they got pushed out by the security forces. 

Armed groups now control most of the vulnerable parts of the country, which in turn makes it hard for the aid groups to reach those in dire need. 

“The needs are increasing and the funding is shrinking,” Said Hamdi bukhari who is the leader of the United Nations’ refugee agency known as (UNRA). 

To make matters worse, the most powerful army is in cahoots with the sworn enemies of the country. Amongst them are elements of the former seleka alliance of mainly-Muslim rebels whom in 2013 over three the president of that time Francois Bozine.

 Which was followed by Anti- balanka militias from the Christian and animist communists fought back, which brought about violent spiral attacks of revenge on the country.  

The rebels caused such havoc across the country during the elections of December 27, which then caused president Faustina Archange Tou Adera sought a second term.

 With polling stations being vandalized and With the voters being prevented from voting.

The rebels managed to prevent the vote from taking place in more than 40 percent of electoral districts.

On Monday, CAR’s constitutional court confirmed   Tou Adera’s re-election. Granting five more years in power to the one-time mathematics lecturer. Although the political opposition continues to disagree the results given the disrupted turnout. 

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