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Chicken or Mutton pies

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Chicken or Mutton pies

Follow a Mutton or chicken curry recipe till where tomatoes are added. Add cubed potatoes and allow to cook soft.
Add little water if necessary.

Top to thicker gravy is adding extra onions.

*Option mix vege or pies can be added

Moist pies

1 kg Cubed chick or steak into a pot

Add 2 medium chopped onions
3 med grated tomatoes
Green chillie to your choice

Above 3 can be whizzed in a food processor.

Add this to pot as well

2 tsp ginger garlic
2 tblsp chillipowder
1 tsp tumeric
1 tblsp dhana jeera powder

Allow above to slow cook

Becareful with chicken as they are softer.

Cool n fill

*Variation using above
U can add steers periperi sauce.

Chicken n Mayo pies
Steam chicken with salt n pepper.
When cool add Mayo
*Options as well will be grated cheese

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