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I would spend 555 million euros on Guardiola: Barcelona, the Treasury and LaLiga would be grateful

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It is also okay to say it. Pep Guardiola is the Special One of today. As special as it is that for a few weeks now it has ceased to be news when he wins, that he does so in a convincing, eye-catching and even innovative way, with some truly surprising nuances in the positional play of his team.

Coincidentally, Jose Mourinho was the last coach to beat the Manchester City boss. It was November. It was 2020. And Tottenham won 2-0. But since then, 28 games have gone by between domestic and European fixtures and nobody has been able to stand in their way.

There have won 25 times in that period, of which 21 have come in a row, while there has been just three draws, with almost 70 goals in favour and only nine against. City are running away with the Premier League and remain one of the favourites to lift the Champions League. Wolves became the latest victim on Tuesday night when they were beaten 4-1 at the Etihad Stadium.

And I wonder, in these election days at Barcelona when the candidates are like spinning tops around Lionel Messi, why none of them have gone to Manchester to try to convince one of the few people capable of restoring greatness to the club at all levels.

I know Guardiola has closed that door on several occasions. That he is happy at a club where he has practically everything and with whom he only renewed his contract in the autumn. It also seems that maybe his next motivation is to coach a national team. I don’t know. But I think we should give it a try. Nobody has done it. Only timid approaches and lip service that Pep has been quick to minimise.

It’s very good to keep Messi happy. It’s better with him than without him. But if it’s about rebuilding, I’d spend 555 million euros on Guardiola. Barcelona, the Treasury and LaLiga would be grateful. And me, a convinced Zidanista, too.

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