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Are you ready for Nikah (marriage)? And if so what do you know about it?

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Are you ready for Nikah (marriage)? And if so what do you know about it? Nikah is a beautiful practice, something practiced by many. It is a way in which people from different families unite and become one.

What is Nikah?

The literal meaning of Nikah is ”to gather something.” in other words bringing people from different families together as one.

We usually hear people saying: ”so and so is getting married this weekend, or this month. When are you getting married?’‘ The pressure of getting married slowly gets to you, and then you begin to feel as though something is wrong with you. And you begin your marriage preparations without even being ready to handle marriage.

Islam is a beautiful way of life, not only just a religion. It realizes that every human being has canal desires that they cannot suppress, that is the reason why Nikah was made. Through Nikah you bring legitimate and good children, join families together and make them one.

What truly goes on in a marital life?

It is a known fact that ”Marriage is not always a bed of roses.” Marriage is a relationship between 2 people, no one is perfect. Mistakes will be made, and you might misunderstand each other but always remember; ”your spouse is not an angel but a human, and humans make mistakes.”

It has been advised that a spouse should overlook the bad qualities of his spouse and appreciate and admire their good qualities.

Advice on Nikah (marriage)

Which category do you belong to with regards to Nikah?

Sometimes getting married is Fardh (compulsory), Mustahab (advisable), Wajib (close to compulsory), Makrooh (disliked),Haraam (forbidden) and Sunnat-e-muakkadah ( an emphasized practice).

  1. FARDH: When a person’s canal desires overpowers and he is certain that if he does not get married then he will commit Zinah (adultery/ fornication). And he should also have the ability to look after a wife and not oppress her so in this case it will be fardh for a person to make Nikah.
  2. Wajib: When a persons canal desires overpowers, but NOT SO much that he will commit Zinah (adultery/fornication). and he has the ability to look after a wife and not oppress her so in this case it will be wajib for a person to make Nikah. If he does not have the ability to make pay the Mehr (dowry) then Nikah is NOT wajib upon such a person.
  3. SUNNAT-E- MUAKKADAH: When a person is in a moderate state and his canal desires DO NOT overpower him. And he has the ability to pay the mehr (dowry) and there is no oppression. If he gets married he will be rewarded and if not he will NOT BE a sinner.
  4. MAKROOH: When a person fears that he will oppress his wife he knows he has a temper and he will beat her up then it is Makrooh (disliked) for him to get married.
  5. HARAAM: If a person is certain that he is going to hit her and oppress her then it is Haram (forbidden) to get married.

What qualities are necessary in a husband?

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  1. Marry someone that has deen (RELIGION) in him you are more secure because of his Taqwa (fear in the Allah).
  2. A husband that is kind to you and NOT a short tempered person.
  3. He must be generous otherwise he wont let you spend.

What qualities are necessary in a wife?

  1. Good character’
  2. piety
  3. kind and affectionate

The blessing of a family


Like how clothing covers our awrah (private areas), nikah covers our shameful acts of cohabitation.

Clothing on our bodies serves as a shield against the coldness of winter and the harsh heat of summer. Like wise the husband protects the wife from harm and the wife protects the husband from harm. the way clothes are close to our bodies so is the relationship between a husband and wife, they trust one another and they are one.

This type of relationship is found in Nikah and NOT in Zinah (fornication), reason being is because everything done in nikah is due to true love whereas everything done in Zinah is for show.

So now that you have read and understood what Nikah means and what it is all about, ARE YOU READY FOR NIKAH?

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