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Rohingya refugee camps in set ablaze

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The Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are set ablaze leaving thousands with no homes to seek shelter

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said that more than 550 shelters which was home to at least 3500 people were either partially or totally destroy by the fire that was set ablaze on Thursday. which included 150 shops and a facility belonging to a non-profit organisation.  

Photographs and videos provided to Reuters news agency by a Rohingya refugee in nayapara camp showed families, including the Rohingya children that were searching through the iron sheets that were set ablaze to see if they could save anything from their smouldering homes. But little remained of the camp, which had stood for decades, aside from concrete poles and the husks of a few trees.  

Muhammad Arakani said ‘’ E-block is completely burnt down, there is nothing left. There was nothing saved. Everything is burnt down. He added: ‘’Everyone is crying. They lost everything…they lost all their goods.’’  

Despite there being no report of injuries and death, the agency said security experts I liaising with the authorities to investigate the cause of the fire.  

Muhammad Shamsud Dousa,  who is the deputy Bangladesh government official in charge of refugees, said it took 2 hours for the fire services to put out the fire that was then hampered by the explosion of gas cylinders inside homes. 

No discussion was made, whether knew shelters would be rebuilt for the refugees elsewhere, but during the past weeks the Bangladesh government has moved several thousand Rohingyas to a remote island which is said to prone to floods.

Protests from the human rights group said some refugees were forced to relocate, But the allegations were denied by authorities.  

In a statement, Save the Children NGO said the fire was ‘’Another devastating blow for the Rohingya people who have endured hardships for years’’.

The NGO also said the international community must find a ‘’Lasting and durable solution to the plight of the Rohingyas’’.   

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