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Ayodhya Mosque Project in India

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Indian muslim trust will start the project of building Ayodhya Mosque project on 26th January.

This project is part of the settlement case that was of the demolition of Babri mosque by the Hindu mob in 1992.

The Muslim groups says the construction of the mosque in the Northen side of Ayodhya city will commence on the 26th of January which is the day that the south Asian nation celebrates its republic day. 

The demolition that took place in 1992, lead to the worst religious violence that India has witnessed, killing more than 2000 people, and causing a prolonged legal battle in different courts.  

According to the right-wing groups, including the Bharati Ja Janata Party (BJP), claimed that the spot on which Mughal Emperor built the mosque in the 16th century was the exact site on which lord ram was born.

Due to this in 2016 India’s supreme court handed over the site to the Hindu trust, so that they can build a lord ram temple there.

While the government-controlled Sunni Central Waqf board was given another site 25 km (15 miles) away to build a mosque. 

The Northen city has been a key point of tention between the Hindus and Muslims.  

The Muslims said that they offered prayers at the mosque until December 1949 when some Hindus placed an idol of ram in the mosque and began to worship the idols. 

Ever since the Narendra Modi led Hindu nationalist BJP first came to power in 2014, India has seen deepening social and religious division.

Let’s take for example, the restrictions on the sale and slaughtering of cows- which are considered as holy animals by the majority Hindus- have led to terrible killings of a number of people, mostly of the Muslims who were transporting cattle. 

The local media has also reported a series of religious tensions in several places as the drive to collect funds for the temple is carried out across the country, with Hindu right-wing groups accused of raising inflammatory slogans and harassing Muslims. 


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