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Indonesia bans the compulsory religious uniform in school

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Indonesia bans the compulsory religious uniform in schools, not just any religious attire, but the Islamic attire. 

The reason for the ban came about when the Story of a 16-year-old Christian girl being pressured to wear a headscarf I.e., a hijab went viral.

The government then gave the schools 30 days to revoke any existing rules. 

Eliano Hia, who is the father of the 16-year-old girl told the BBC News Indonesia that ‘’almost every day, my daughter has been summoned for not wearing a headscarf, and her answer is that she is not Muslim’’. If I forced my daughter to wear the headscarf, I will be lying about my daughter’s identity. ‘’Where are my religious rights? This is a public school after all.’’ 

The activists in Indonesia have praised the government in his decision to ban the public schools from wearing the compulsory religious attire.

 which was the cause of national non-Muslim’s outrage over the students being forced to wear a hijab. 

It was said by Andreas Harsono, (who is a researcher at Human Rights Watch) more than 20 provinces still make religious attire compulsory in their dress code, so the decree was a positive step. 

Indonesia officially recognises six religions nearly 90% of the population are Muslims, due to Muslims being the majority.

Concern have grown in recent years that more conservative interpretations of Islam are driving religious intolerance. Before the president signed the decree on Wednesday regarding the religious attire. 

 The issue got spread out and caught national attention due to a parent of one of the girls. 

 Yaqut Cholil Qoumas who is the Indonesian religious minister, said The West Sumatra case was ‘’just the tip of the iceberg’’.

He also added On Wednesday that there is no reason to infringe upon others freedom in the name of religious expression. 

The education minister Nadim Makarim said that the special autonomous province of Aceh which enforces Islamic laws is excluded from the decree. 

Beka Ulung Hapsara, who is a commissioner at Indonesia’s main rights body, komnas HAM, said the decree respect peoples choices to express their beliefs.

He also added the places of education to develop independent souls free of discrimination were respect is fostered. 

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