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Muslims under pressure to sign French values charter

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Muslims are under pressure, because they are being asked to sign a French value charter.

France Muslim council is due to meet president Emmanual macron this week. To confirm the text of a new ‘’charter of republican values’’ for imams in the country to sign.  

A group of lawyers, NGO’s and religious bodies from 13 countries had submitted formal complaints to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Calling for action against Frances ‘’breath of state abuse against Muslims’’ which goes way back to more than two decades. 

Chems- Eddine Hafiz, who is the vice president of the CFCM and rector of the Paris grand mosque said: ‘’ we do not all agree on what this charter of values is, and what it will contain.

But he said ‘’we are at a historic turning point for Islam in France. And we Muslims are facing our responsibilities.’’ 

The Islamist Mohamed Merah had just carried out an attack in Toulouse. 

He remembers the former French President Sarkozy getting him out of bed at 5:00 AM to talk about the attack. He says, ‘I told him: his name may be Mohammed but he is a criminal!

I didn’t want to make the connection between the crime and my religion. Today, I do. The imams of France have work to do.’’ 

President macron spoke in October regarding putting immense pressure on Muslim authorities. This is going to be hard considering the territory of the country that cherishes state secularism. 

Mr macron is trying to stop the spread of political Islam. Without making it seem as though he’s interfering in religious practice, or singling out one particular faith. 

France has recorded an estimate of 5 million Muslims which is by far the largest Muslim minority. 

Olivia Roy, an expert in French Islam says, The charter raises 2 problems:

1. is discrimination, because it targets only Muslim preachers.

2. is the right in freedom of religion. 

You are obliged to accept the laws of the state. He told me but you are not required to celebrate its values. For example you cannot discriminate against LGBT, But the Catholic Church is not obliged to accept the same sex marriage.  

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