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Are you 4 month pregnant?

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firstly congratulations! you have reached the sweetest phase of pregnancy. nausea and most of the uncomfortable stages have subsided by now.

4th month of pregnancy is known as the start of your second trimester. some people would love to call it the honeymoon of pregnancy (LOL).

4 symptoms during 4 months pregnancy:

  1. WEIGHT GAIN- ladies let me tell you before you hear or read it somewhere else. you might not see yourself gaining weight during this time but you will see how much you gained after giving birth, it is not always evident (LOL). Some people say that woman gain upto 10kg (22lb) ans 12kg (28lb) during pregnancy.
  2. BREAST: you might have some lady friends tell you ” I think my boobs are growing bigger”. we have to blame the hormones for that, because the hormones cause an increase in blood flow that makes your breast feel swollen, sore and sensitive when touched. This sign does not only come about during the 4th month, some are of the opinion that it sometimes occur during early pregnancy.
  3. SPIDER VEINS- This is no joke, I swear. only a few people miss this. due to the extra blood flow in the body that you are carrying, swelling appears because of the pressure on the blood vessels caused by the extra blood flow. and spider veins are also caused by the stretching womb inside you that is also causing pressure on your veins.
  4. SKIN GLOW- This might sound familiar ”GIRL! YOU ARE GLOWING. This is actually caused by the hormones which makes you look flushed, and somewhat cute (LOL). Some people say you should avoid skin lightning, as it increases the risk of sun exposure. to be honest guys out of experience i was glowing.

Will you look pregnant at 4 months:

Some people say it depends on your weight, but regardless of how fat or thin or moderate you are you baby bump will start to show around this time.

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