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5th month of pregnancy

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This 5th month of pregnancy is the exciting month of every mother.

People say it is during this month that mothers feel the fetus move for the first time. Reason being is because during this month the little one begins to have energy (LOL).


Constipation: Due to the increase in progesterone hormones, which causes the muscles to relax that includes the intestines makes the digestive system slow down which means a high risk of constipation.

Few solutions:

  1. Drink plenty of water about 8 glasses.
  2. Dont eat alot during one meal.
  3. If you didn’t exercise before pregnancy, don’t do heavy exercises after pregnancy. Walking is adviced.
  4. Most importantly call the doctor.

Achy feet: Due to the extra weight that is being gained on the upper part of the body, it causes aches to the feet.

Few solutions:

  1. Keep your feet high at all time i.e rest your feet at any given time.
  2. If you decide to wear socks, it is advised to wear cotton socks because the help the feet breathe.
  3. When deciding on wearing heels (2 inch is the limit).canvas without laces is a good option. ( because girl! bending will be a mission as month go by.
  4. Avoid sitting cross legged , try to stretch frequently.

Bleeding gums: Due to the hormones changing the gums become sensitive causing a build up of plague between the teeth. About 50% of pregnant women have sore gums.

Few solutions:

  1. Floss your teeth no matter how tired you are that helps big time.
  2. This is finally the time you should visit the dentist. Don’t ignore it just see the doctor.
  3. Take your vitamins. Don’t skip.
  4. Vitamin C is great on gums.

Backaches: Due to the weight that is gained. Backaches are experienced. The other reason would be the change in your normal standing position.

Few solutions

  1. Exercise because it helps in strengthening the muscles and boosts your flexibility.
  2. Swim guys. That’s the easiest exercise you can do, it helps lighten the weight.
  3. Don’t sleep on your back.and no high heels.

Heartburn: Due to the pregnancy hormone which loosens the esophageal valve that closes the stomach off from your esophagus, that is why pregnant woman experience heartburn.

Few solutions

  1. Try to avoid Acidic and spicy foods.
  2. Sit upright when you are eating don’t bend.
  3. consult your doctor about possible medications that can be taken for heartburn.

What is your baby like at 5 months pregnant?

You baby will start kicking and probably hiccupping. You baby has hair and eyebrows now. Your baby is probably weighing about 360g and is almost 26.7cm long.

4 month to go.all you gotta do is relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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