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The koala bear is a cute animal that lives in Australia. The koala bear is easily recognized by its stout, tailless body and large head with round, fluffy ears and large, spoon-shaped nose.

The koala has a body length of 60–85 cm and weighs 4–15 kg. The Fur colour changes from silver grey to chocolate brown. Koalas from the northern populations are typically smaller and lighter in colour than their counterparts further south.

The word koala comes from the Dharug gula, meaning no water. It was at one time thought, since the animals were not observed to come down from trees often, that they were able to survive without drinking.

The Koala bear is so unique that it can go for days living up in the trees without drinking water. They live consuming the leaves of the eucalypt in the woodlands which makes up most of their diet. these leaves are no ordinary leaves,the leaves of these trees have a high water content, so that is why the koala does not need to drink often.

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