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Self reformation through Sunnah

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Resetting the Frumpy Muslim Mindset | by H F Sylaj | Modern Hijab Life |  Medium

We all desire a certain type of self reformation it not all of it. There is no better way to reform oneself except using the Quran and hadith.

The prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h led a life full of examples for us all. His advises cannot match any of our days advises.

The real treasures of this world:

The prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h said: if you posses four qualities, you should NOT grieve over missing any worldly benefits:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Truthful speech
  3. good habits
  4. pure means of livelihood

we all feel we are entitled to a lot of benefits in this world, and we imagine them as being huge benefits without acknowledging these simple tools of life that we can live by. Thus the greatest treasures on earth.

These treasures are so rare especially in our times of deceit, hatred, malice etc., when we decide to reform our selves i suggest we take these treasures as well. Treasure shouldn’t be only in a form of gold and silver, there should be in a form of wise words spoken.

We are always going after things that arent good and sometimes beneficial for us.

There are 2 things which man fears, but are good for him:

  1. Death: When death comes upon a person. he becomes free from all the worldly challenges.
  2. Decrease in wealth: we all will be reckoned on the day of judgement

At the moment we are in the month of Ramadhan let us not leave this month spiritually weak. Let us grab onto these unique treasure,for when we die they will prove to beneficial unlike gold and silver etc.

Let our hearts illuminate when we leave this special month. The scholars say 4 things illuminate a persons heart with Noor i.e., spacial light.

  1. Empty stomach
  2. associating with the pious
  3. remorse over past sins
  4. restricting worldly hopes

Worldly hopes makes one:

  1. neglectful of ones devotions
  2. increases his worry of worldly things
  3. makes him greedy and anxious for increase in wealth
  4. deprives ones heart of mercy and compassion

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