The beautiful China Aster plant

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How to Grow China Aster (Callistephus chinensis) | Gardener's Path

China aster is an amazing flower which is also known as Callistephus Chinensis. Its native to china It comes in many shades,and this plant loves moist and well-drained soil in full sunlight to part shade.

Despite the china aster being beautiful it actually has a downside, its prone to:

  1. spider mites
  2. leaf hoppers
  3. wilt
  4. stem rot
  5. aphids

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  • Can i leave my plant in one place forever?

This plant can not be placed in one place, its location has to be changed each year.

  • What should i do when my china aster contracts a disease?

The best way to go about is to uproot the entire plant and destroy it. DO NOT allow it to remain in the soil or near other plants.

3 Aesthetic uses:

  1. beautification
  2. hanging baskets
  3. Designing

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