Casemiro: The new leader Real Madrid need after Ramos’ departure

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With Sergio Ramos‘ leaving Real Madrid this summer means that the club will be loosing his incredible football skills on the pitch but also without the leadership qualities of their captain of the last six years.

As Los Blancos prepare for life without their captain Sergio Ramos next season, they will be counting on several players to fill his leadership void.

Throughout Real Madrid‘s recent history the team have had leadership in abundance, not only thanks to the role of Ramos but also with Cristiano Ronaldo playing a key leadership role in the dressing room.

However, with the departure of both, we can atleast say that Karim Benzema and Dani Carvajal will be the ones to fill this leadership void.

Benzema‘s role has grown since Cristiano‘s departure, no one can deny that. And he will look to be the de facto captain of the side on the pitch, leading by example once again.

Carvajal has become a key member of the dressing room in recent seasons. It seems that our 29 year old will lead the team with great valour during the next season.

He is the centre of the dressing room’s Spanish nucleus, which contains Lucas Vazquez and Nacho Fernandez, and he will hope to avoid another injury-ridden campaign as he aims to step up and help to fill Ramos‘ void next season.

However, the Real Madridplayer that is looking to establish himself as the club’s new leader is Casemiro.

He is a fundamental part of the club, not only as part of the midfield trident with Toni Kroos and Luka Modric but also due to his connection with the fans.

Leading by example on and off the pitch, he is fully identified with the club’s values and has demonstrated that he has the personality to take the leadership baton from Ramos.

Modric is another experienced squad member with enormous influence on the dressing room, and he will be looking to help lead the side next season. MÁS EN MARCA.

Although his personality is quieter than that of Casemiro, he is one of the most respected squad members, not only because of his status as one of the best central midfielders in world football but also given that he has been at the club for nine seasons.

Modric, alongside players such as Benzema, Carvajal and Casemiro, will be looking to step up as Real Madrid enter a new era without Sergio Ramos next season.


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