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What is the true beauty of Salah?

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What is the true beauty of salah? I asked myself this question so many times trying to find the answers.

Iqamatus Salat - The observance of Prayer | Islam Ahmadiyya

We miss our salah day after day not caring whether it is a sin or not. And when we observe it, it’s more of a duty that has to be fulfilled. As I realised this, i decided that it is about time that we fixed our salah but where can we possibly start? Some of our salah is not on point, at times salah would come and go without us reading it, am I right?😔.

With observation, I saw how people would focus on their prayers. They “crave” to pray. That is what is lacking in our prayers that craving to meet our maker, taking it as a duty will not help us attain that craving that most people have. They love to pray whether the salah is compulsory, advisable, or optional they would observe it.

Benefit of Islamic Prayer (Salat): a Scientific Perspective

It isn’t just a Salah I thought, it is a bond between a servant and his/her master. It is a bond between a person and his/her maker. This bond is the greatest bond, I thought to myself. And guess that it is easy to attain this bond.

The people that carry this sacred bond with Allah. They seem content, happy. When they are going through something in life, they seek comfort in Allah the Almighty. They communicate with him through prayer i.e., through salah.

So now that we have come to know that in order to taste the beauty of salah, we need to stop regarding salah as just a duty that needs to be performed. Let us find out how we can also attain this true beauty of salah?

We need to keep in mind the following before beginning our prayer. It is an important meeting after all, not a meeting with the minister or the president, No. It is a meeting with the king of kings, the owner of the universe and the 7 heavens. We need to acknowledge this.

Examples of people who attained this bond:

• Imam Bukhari was once stung by a wasp 17 times while standing in prayer. When he finished, he felt some discomfort and asked if anyone was aware of what caused it.
Imagine that, he was so engrossed in prayer that even that sting was not felt at that moment of prayer. This is what we are yearning for, may Allah help us attain this true beauty of salah.

2 tips on how we can attain this true beauty of salah?

  1. We need to fall in love with Allah: we need to know understand that without him we wouldn’t be here. He is the one who has been kind to us all more kind than any person we could possibly imagine.
  2. Ponder over what you are saying in salah: when you say “Allahu akbar (Allah is the greatest)” mean it, he created you and everything around you. The world we live in, isn’t that great?😀
    Salah will be the first thing that we will be questioned about on the day of “Qiyamah ( judgement). We should not let salah pass one after the other.

May Allah help us attain this true beauty of islam. May we NEVER miss a salah intentionally or unintentionally.

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