How to overcome depression?

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Depression comes in different forms, you might be a mother or a father or a teen or anyone. Let’s face it, most of us go through depression every now and then. It is not something planned.

What causes depression?

What causes depression is mainly what we see on social media. Somebody has a fancy home, a fancy car, some people are traveling the world and others have there lives all figured out.

We need to understand that life is not all gold and diamonds. We cannot all be the same, we have stuff that others above us don’t have. We each hold different blessing in different fields.

For mothers:

Motherhood is a gift, not everyone can be a mother. You are a mother you hold the greatest gift anybody can recieve, you brought someone into this world, there cannot be any greater gift than that.

It is no doubt that social media portrays motherhood as something easy, but it is not easy. For example; You managed to raise your kids with no schedule, your kid doesn’t walk on their fist birthday etc., but none the less you try your best.

With that being said, I want you to know that if God(Allah) didn’t think that you would manage to look after a child,he wouldn’t have blessed you with one.

Stop feeling bad that you can’t raise your child like the billionaire that you see on social media.

Not everything on social media is true always keep that in mind.

For fathers:

As for Father’s, you are somebody’s hero. They might not say it or realise now but one day they will surely realise and say it.

Fatherhood isn’t easy and you are trying your best. You are working hard to provide for your family, something others cannot manage to do.

Alot is seen on social media, dads buying their kids cars and what not, and it makes you feel sad that you cannot do that for your kids. Let me tell you something, a day will come when you will realise that the way you raised your kids was the best possible way to raise them.

When someone always has what they want, they forget the value of things. Your kids will realise that we didn’t get all that we DESIRED but we got all that we NEEDED all because our father worked hard and never gave up.

For teens:

As a teenager you are aware of everything happening on the net, you know many celebs and famous people etc how the live, what a day in their lives is like. You know where they go on holidays and where the go just chill in a week etc.

All that is beautiful and all, but I want you to realise how great you have it. You sit on the table with your family, you have friends that truly like you. You don’t have to be like anyone, be you bring your sparkle to this world. Work hard, make your parents proud.

If anything social media should boost your intention to work harder and reach those heights.

Additional note:

Always remember that you are not alone, Allah is their with you. And he would ñever put you in a position thathyou would not be able to handle, he loves you and he definitely sees ypur hardwork and your efforts.

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