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South Africa’s first-ever EFF Mayor RESIGNS – after just three days on the job

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It has been confirmed by the EFF that Selloane Motjeane, who is their first-ever elected mayor in this country, has resigned from her position of mayor in Metsimaholo, Free State. After serving three days on the job.


Julius Malema explained the situation during a media briefing. According to the EFF leader, the party decided to ask Motjeane to step down from her mayoral position. Due to the fact that she had earned that position with votes from the ANC. The eight-year-old organisation withdrew its support for the ruling party last week.

Julius Malema has taken a principled position. Arguing that the Red Berets do not want a mayor who has been supported by the ANC. They would much rather go their own way, and if the need arises. The EFF party plans to ask the DA to support Motjeane for re-election when the vote is held. But if that fails, there’s also a Plan B.

Should they fail to convince the DA to support the EFF candidate. Julius will instruct his comrades to vote for the DA’s choice instead. The barmy strategy is already turning heads, but the EFF insists on keeping the ANC out of power:

“We have asked our mayor to resign with immediate effect. That’s because she became mayor through votes from the ANC. We do not vote with the ANC, even if they want to vote with us. She was so happy, she told us that ANC people were already demanding illegal things from her, immediately after the election.”

“She remains our mayoral candidate in Metsimaholo. We will ask the DA to vote with us, but if they don’t want, we will side with them – we just don’t want the ANC in charge. So Selloane Motjeane has now officially resigned.” Julius Malema

The EFF put in a respectable performance in this part of Free State, finishing with over 25% of the vote. However, they only came third in Metsimaholo, trailing behind the DA and the ANC respectively. With their 12 council seats. The far-left party was able to play itself into a position of power.

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